Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gift Ideas: Groovy Gadgets I'd Love to Give a Go!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kitchen :)

Here are some items that I either love or would love to have! From dessert, to dinner, to bread making -- there is something for you :)

To see how cool it is, watch this Yonanas video!  Thank you Marne, for showing me this awesomeness!
Yonanas Ice Cream Maker
This ice cream maker gets great reviews for only $25t!  I don't have a traditional ice cream maker or a Yonanas, so if you do, I would love to see your recommendation in the comments :)

#3 Spiral Vegetable Slicer
More wonderful reviews and it's only 31! This slicer opens up many possibilities!
Spiral Vegetable Slicer

#4 Belgian Waffle Baker
So fun, but again I don't have one! Perhaps a Christmas present?  Again, this one gets great reviews for only $26!
Belgian Waffle Baker

This was a lovely gift from my hubby who knows what I want before I even ask!  Works beautifully! Pan and Lid (More wonderful reviews of course :) )
Lodge Panini Pan (Press Lid, sold separately)

#6 A Food Dehydrator is always on the list of things I'd like to own and try!

#7 My Breadmaker  is AMAZING!  Another fantastic gift from my man!  It looks like there are many bread makers that are much less expensive with high ratings, but I can only speak for the one I own.  It is SO easy and my bread comes out beautifully!!!

So far, and I've had this for almost a year, I just make whole wheat bread (sometimes with basil, cocoa, or cinnamon), pizza dough, and this SWEET AND SMOOTH BANANA BREAD!

I am a member of the Amazon Associates program, so if you happen to buy any of these items, or even click on the links for them, Amazon may pay me something, so you'll be supporting :)  Thank you!

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A lot of cool gadgets that we will give to our loveones, just like in your blog. Thanks for sharing this awesome gadgets.


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