Friday, November 22, 2013

1-Minute Roasted Almond and Broccoli Slaw

Ever since I tried a yummy sample at Trader Joe's, I have been wanting to try something like this. Considering almonds are one of the bests nuts you can eat and broccoli is one of the best veggies, they are a super combo!

It's more of a summery dish, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying this broccoli slaw all day!

Roasted Almond Broccoli Salad

4 c fresh broccoli
1 c roasted almonds
1/4 c balsamic or rice wine vinegar
1/4 c raisins, unsweetened (suprisingly Dole sweetens raisins!)
1 apple

In a food processor, pulse all ingredients for just a quick minute or so, and enjoy! 


  • This salad becomes more flavorful the longer it sits.
  • This becomes an easy and complete meal, and tastes delicious, when combined with some brown rice (this combination grain is awesome!) and some garbanzo beans.
  • If you aren't craving a cold salad, this dish is tasty warm.

COMMENTS: What is your favorite way to eat broccoli?  My kids like it frozen!  I love it in this stir-fry, and this post's recipe is my new favorite way to eat raw broccoli!


lainie0831 said...

Sounds yummy! One question though, how big is a serving size of this, 1/2 cup?

Fresh-You said...

As much as you want! It's all healthy stuff, and there is fiber, protein, and fat to fill you up!


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