Friday, November 15, 2013

Top 5 Whole Foods Market Bargains!

These organic, whole wheat 365 tortillas with just a few ingredients are great!  Watch out for hydrogenated oils in MANY brands of tortillas!  Make Sense of Bread Labels

Organic kefir for only $3.99 is less than I would expect! Check out Crazy for Kefir! for benefits.

Organic is better than conventional, but I recommend NON-DAIRY versions!!!

Nutritional yeast is a great deal in the bulk section of Whole Foods Market! For benefits and uses: Savory Cheese Substitute (Soy-Free and Dairy Free)!

Dried beans from Whole Foods win the prize for an insane variety!  There are loads!  Our favorites are still black, pinto, kidney, garbanzo, white, adzuki, and lentils.  They have gone up in price in the last few years, but are still a huge deal compared to canned!  Lucky 7 Sweet Things about Dried Beans, Plus Homemade Refried Beans, and Bean Conversions

And the MOST AMAZING DEAL OF ALL: bulk spices, virtually all ORGANIC!  For a small fraction of what you would pay at other grocery stores.  Heck, you can even compare prices to those prepackaged spices at Whole Foods Market to really see your savings!

COMMENTS: Please share your favorites when you shop at Whole Foods Market!

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Unknown said...

As I made my way to one of the trucks on the end (yet closest to the rest of the entertainment), one truck in particular caught my attention.Well it was a combination of a busy crowd, the owner on the ground taking orders and a smell that made your mouth water. They had pictures of the food on a sign next to the truck, an easy to read and remember logo and a menu easy to read and understand Food Marketing Consultants.


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