Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cool Kitchen Tips, Second Edition

  1. Slice POTATOES with an apple slicer!
  2. Easily get more LEMON JUICE from a lemon by first warming it in the microwave.
  3. For packing lunch or snack, slice an APPLE and put back together and hold that way with a rubber band!
  4. When PEANUT BUTTER jar is getting low, fill it with CELERY slices and you are ready for snack time!
  5. When HUMMUS container is low, fill it with VEGGIES for another to-go snack!
  6. Use dental FLOSS to slice cakes and soft cheeses!
  7. Re-use aluminum FOIL as a glassware scrubber!
  8. Salt and VINEGAR paste for water bottles and vases that you can't get to the bottom of to clean -- I haven't yet, and really want to try this!
  9. Put SALAD in a bowl with a paper towel on top and then cover in plastic wrap to keep crisp!
  10. Place NEWSPAPER in refrigerator to absorb odors.
  11. Remove mug stains by rubbing with a salted CITRUS peel!
  12. Remove dirt from LEAFY GREENS by soaking in a saltwater bath, then rinse well.
  13. Rub your hands with salt and VINEGAR, or rub them on stainless STEEL to rid your fingers of yucky onion smell!
  14. To remove wax or perhaps gum, cover spot with a sealed bag of ICE for 20 min.
  15. Erase crayon with BAKING SODA.
  16. Clean a cutting board with half a LEMON.
Quick and Easy Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Many tips came from as well as Real Simple Magazine's website.  Thank you!

COMMENTS: Please feel free to share your tips -- everyone has little tricks that we could all use!

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