Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Magic Reindeer Food

Magic Reindeer Food (popcorn, toasted pecans, salt, cinnamon)

Merry Christmas!  This is magical treat is basically popcorn, cinnamon, and toasted pecans. Delightful!

Magic Reindeer Feed

1/2 c or more popcorn kernels (use air popper)
1 c pecans
2 tsp cinnamon

Break pecans into smaller pieces and top with cinnamon.  Fill cookie sheet with single layer of nut pieces.  Set oven to 425 degrees and place pan of nuts in oven right away (while oven heating) and set a 10-minute timer.

Next, pop your kernels. Remove nuts from oven. Mist popcorn with just a spray or two of water (very little so not soggy) from a spray bottle. Combine popcorn and nuts, and shake in a covered container, and enjoy!

Reindeer, elves, Santa, and other children and adults will love this simple treat!

Here is a link from Christmas Letter Tips for a Magic Reindeer Food tag that you can print.  There is a cute poem that encourages kids to feed the reindeer and head to bed!  And here is one I made :)

COMMENTS: What treat do you leave out for Santa? Cookies and milk? Carrots and apples? Popcorn and pecans? I wish you a wonderful holiday!!

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