Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Va Va Voom -- Video on Vitality!

Click on the image below to hear about why you'll LOOK fabulous when you EAT right!

It's a GREAT LITTLE VIDEO straight from one physician who has done tons of first hand research on this stuff and written lots of great books, including one mentioned in the video called the Wrinkle Cure.

Note: video is nothing about business, even though it's on a "busienss" news show :) 

How awesome is it that by eating bright colored foods (that are grown!) you can look BEAUTIFUL AND HEAL your insides dramatically!?  Here is another post about Attractiveness and Veggies!

Dr Perricone mentions 4 specific foods in this video: watercress, CHIA seeds, cinnamon, and turmeric (you can click on turmeric or  CHIA seeds for other posts I've written!)

Nicholas Perricone has written many wonderful books about the HOWS and WHYS of this simple concept and I introduced him recently when talking of the BENEFITS OF GREEN TEA!  So you can read a bit more HERE!

Plus, check out Nicholas Perricone's Books!

COMMENTS: Did you think this guy was really calm?  I loved that about this video as much as all of his TOTALLY awesome information!  Watch again and see!  Are you a calm or excited person?  I am definitely an excited person, but I definitely see the value and benefit of calming down.  I enjoy BOTH calm and excited!  Some day I'll post about Eckart Tolle's A New Earth which has many beautiful life lessons that I love.  For one, I suppose he first introduced me to calm.  Have a great day!

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