Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wrinkle Free? Green Tea Please!

In the spirit of my trip to Asia, I'll share the IMMENSE benefits of GREEN TEA!

Yum, piping hot green tea each morning,
and then I enjoyed COLD green tea throughout the day!

CATECHINS are the phytochemical responsible for the awesomeness of green tea!

It's the source of antioxidants also found in BERRIES, CHOCOLATE, wine, and BEANS!
Catechins are more concentrated in GREEN tea than in many alternative sources.

Catechins act as ANTIOXIDANTS (link to various antioxidant posts), and
MORE IMPORTANTLY change our genes in many ways!

Your GENES put you at risk for diseases that run in your family.
There's more! YOU can CONTROL your genes!
It's true!  With the right foods and habits,
you can TURN ON helpful genes, and
TURN OFF harmful, disease-causing genes!

Catechins have been shown to turn ON and OFF a long, long list of genes to promote HEALTH!

Studies have shown that these POWERFUL and POSITIVE changes in gene expression may:

Decrease wrinkles!
Improve blood sugar control (prevention of type 2 diabetes)!
Help your body kill cancer cells!
Keep your brain and memory youthful!
In short, improve the function of ALL vital organs (seriously -- there is TONS of research!)!

Look at all the green tea that I enjoyed and collected in Thailand and Japan!
The tin is actually from China :)  And the pomegranate  tea is from here!
This guy is Nicholas Perricone.
He has done amazing research on nutrigenomics -- the science of genetics and its MANY connections to nutrition!

This awesome product comes straight from Japan to Costco!
Super AUTHENTIC tea AND SUPER bargain!
BONUS TIP: There is quite a SMALL amount of CAFFEINE in green tea,
roughly that of a cup of decaffeinated coffee.
Drink several cups of GREEN tea throughout the day,
for a slow and steady, energizing, caffeine infusion
to be CALMLY ALERT and PRODUCTIVE all day long!

COMING SOON!  Matcha tea!

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