Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FREE Yourself from these FATS!

There are HEALTHY FATS, which I talk about all the time!, and there are UNHEALTHY fats, which I prefer not to focus on, but a few comments might be helpful!

There are TWO fats one might want to limit:

SATURATED (mainly from ANIMALS: meat, poultry, cheese, fat in milk, butter, etc.)
Exception: Wild fish, especially salmon!...these are HEALTHY FATS called Omega-3 FATS.

TRANS fat sources (mostly from PROCESSED foods, unfortunately regular/traditional peanut butter (click HERE for a bit on "natural" peanut butter), fast food, fried foods, donuts, packaged desserts, many coffee creamers, surprisingly...sprinkles!)

These fats are detrimental to our health in TOO many ways, but I'll give you TWO that should be convincing!

HARMFUL to our:

Brains, nerves
Hearts, blood vessels

Especially since our nerves and blood vessels affect EVERY OTHER PART of our bodies!

This image was taken from ... perhaps you'll find something you like there!

I don't particularly like the show. So ... much to my surprise, the Simpsons Movie was pretty entertaining! Perhaps hormones were involved, but I honestly cried like 5 times during this movie, and of course, laughed a lot too. To give the makers credit, it's a pretty creative show.



You can simply decrease the amount of animal products that you consume, adding a bit more veggies, subtracting some meat, substituting some sour cream for some non-fat Greek yogurt, trying to make the switch from whole or 2% milk, to non-fat or 1% milk.  


Go to food LABELS!  There is a place for TRANS fat on the Nutrition Facts. You want this to be ZERO. Even with a zero, you still want to look at the INGREDIENTS LIST. If you see the word HYDROGENATED anywhere, ESPECIALLY early on the list, the product should be avoided!  

When there is less than 0.5 grams of trans fat, Nutrition Facts can say 0g trans. Half a gram may not sound like much, but just a tiny bit of trans fat is harmful to your body!

This example is from  Spy the fat words to avoid? 

...HYDROGENATED, Saturated, Trans (usually below saturated...not shown here).

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