Friday, June 15, 2012

Crunchy Cancer Prevention! Kohlrabi, What?!

Funky LOCAL Produce!  Kohlrabi!

This was our Week 1 Selection from Geauga Family Farms!

KOHLRABI is the light green, round veggie in the middle.  It gives me a chance to talk about CRUCIFEROUS veggies, like broccoli and cauliflower, in case you don't come across any kohlrabi!

Think K-sound, and some Bs and Rs: kohlrabi, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, collard greens, broCColi / broCColi raab, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, radishes, tuRnips, aRugula, and chaRd!


Amazing protection from CANCER and even TREATMENT for TUMOR REDUCTION! (Broccoli sprouts are SUPER jam-backed with this protection!)
Science has been finding impressive associations for AT LEAST the last 30 years!

National Cancer Institute has lots to say about this!

Here are some highlights of HOW Cancer may be Prevented!

Protect cells from DNA damage
Inactivate carcinogens
Anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects
Anti-inflammatory effects
Induce cell death (healthy killing of old or cancerous cells)
Inhibit tumor blood vessel formation AND tumor migration (prevents cancer from spreading)

Cruciferous veggies contain a wide variety of nutrients, including some vitamins (C, E, and K, folate) and minerals, fiber, and especially a wide variety of PHYTOCHEMICALS (indoles, carotenoids, such as beta-carotene and lutein)!

As you may read on the National Cancer Institute's website, various nutrients may be responsible for the protection.  Often one nutrient is studied in animals or on petri dishes, and sometimes results aren't as clear when human intake is studied.  

Remember that humans have a lot going on inside and out, so it isn't as easy to prove effectiveness.  

Plus, we're talking about eating veggies, not smoking a cigarette because a study told us it was good for us!  I'm saying it is a pretty low risk thing to try; while it may not cure us of cancer for 100%, there is ABUNDANT respectable information that says that it might -- pretty exciting to me!

So eat your kohlrabi!  Or!

Here is a yummy BRUSSELS SPROUTS recipe!

Or you can try this KALE recipe!

Or this BROCCOLI recipe!

Here is a great post all about KOHLRABI which included a great way to try it!
They suggested "slice... it thinly, mix... it Granny Smith apples, lemon juice, ginger, and oil for a quick salad."  Sounds good to me!

COMMENTS: Have any new cruciferous recipes you want to share?!

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