Sunday, December 18, 2011

PB and Banana Sandwiches!

This old-fashioned breakfast sandwich makes a really healthy meal any time of day! Great toasted, and with a cold glass of almond milk! It will keep you going strong for Christmas shopping all morning long!

Make sure to make it with 100% whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter! Here is a link to see more about the benefits of peanut butter and a treat called PB&J Poppers!

For the bread, be sure that you see the word "WHOLE" first on the list of ingredients following the nutrition facts.

Natural peanut butter is free of any trans fats!

The best varieties only contain PEANUTS in the ingredients list. Sometimes salt is added, but avoid brands that add sugar by any name! These may include honey, cane syrup, etc.

And viola!

The meal your grandma used to make is ready to enjoy!

To read about healthy fat click here!

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? Did you eat these sandwiches as a kid? What other meals do you remember from your childhood? Have you made them for your kids?

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