Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Orange Almond Biscotti Balls

This is one yummy variation of our favorite snack, which we call "Laraballs"; a mix of nuts, unsweetened dried fruits, and spices. This flavor is called ORANGE ALMOND BISCOTTI BALLS - super yummy and refreshing!

fruit + nuts = 2 check mark snack from Dr Greger's Daily Dozen

I originally starting making "Laraballs" when I tried to create Larabars at home. My recipe AND the product are both fabulous convenience items with only a handful of ingredients which are whole foods (again nuts, fruit, and spices), and no added sugar, oil, or dairy! Note: my balls also have no salt, while Larabars do :(

The Larabar website has coupons, and now the company even makes: Larabar Bites (a product just like my balls!)! On to the recipe!

Start with a little freshness!  Slice off the very thinnest layer of the orange peel.  Use about half to all of the orange peel.  This will make up your orange zest, but you can just toss the peels in with everything else in the food chopper / processor.

Orange Almond Biscotti Balls

1 orange peel (as shown above)
1/2 c almonds
3/4 c dates

Combine all ingredients until everything sort of sticks together.
Trash can trick: fold edges of a resealable sandwich bag over a mug.

Scoop everything into bag. Almost done!
Have fun shaping the dough however you like!  KIDS like this part best! The dough works pretty well with cookie cutters, balls are great, and you can make bars by pushing the mixture into a pan, chilling, and cutting.

Keep mixture refrigerated or at room temperature, or keep it in your car.

You can make them into balls from outside the bag - so you don't get "food hands".

I can't make balls fast enough, as soon as I make one, my kids want it, until half the bag is gone. If only they new how healthy they are! Actually, they do know, and still they love them!


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Cay Snow said...

These were so yummy when I tried yours at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend! Can't wait to make a batch. I'm gong to have these on the plane to snack on when we go on vacation this summer. Thank you Colleen!!

karla Minor said...

I just made a batch, and YUM! thanks so much for your recipe, I am always looking for healthy alternatives, and these are delish!

Fresh-You said...

Aww, thank you Karla! I'm so glad you enjoyed! I have a daughter, Carla :)

Fresh-You said...

Also, a belated thank you to you, Cay Snow! (I don't know if you'll see this :~ ) Anyway, I forgot to mention that these were enjoyed by many at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend! I can't believe it was a whole year ago! So fun! 2018, baby! ...that's what I hope for anyway :)


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