Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am fascinated with hypnosis!

My first encounter was at an entertaining show during my freshman year in college. There were ten or so volunteers, one of which was a cross country teammate. They all did just as the hypnotist suggested, very funny, from clucking like chickens to acting out the pain of child birth.

In the end, they were told that upon waking, they would be refreshed, motivated, and better at the good things they do. My teammate went on to WIN our cross country race the next morning! Indeed, she was a quick little thing, but still, I was convinced of the great power of suggestion!

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Paul McKenna has been doing hypnosis to help people lose weight, stop smoking, and conquer their fears for years. You can check out funny youtube videos for some silly laughs, well as some motivation to make the changes you want for your life!

Paul also offers a valuable download that you can easily play on your ipod or other mp3 player while you exercise or do chores around the house, or just while you sit and relax. You have to register, but it's totally worth the short time it takes to do so.

He has a nice voice to listen to, and what he has to say can really help anybody who wants to improve their life! I have found that I have become more creative as a result of listening to his recording, as well as become more productive and positive.

He mentions a term, FLOW, which is an awesome concept that really interests me. I will post on it shortly. To give you an idea of what it involves, I'll say two words: runner's high; but the concept can be applied to all areas of life!

If you want to be a better person, and you like to listen to your mp3 player, get your copy of Paul's free trance download, and start listening today!

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell me in a comment below: have you ever seen someone be hypnotized? Were you skeptical? Did something happen that convinced you of its potential benefits? Have you ever been hypnotized?


Fresh-You said...

Jean Fain is another hypnotist who specializes in disordered eating. Here is an article she wrote about losing weight and keeping it off: I hope you find it useful!

noname said...

At the time I had been meditating for about 10 years.. I went to a seminar on Self hypnosis for pain control. After listening for about ½ hour she started to take questions. What she said about self hypnosis sounded a lot like meditation and I asked what the difference was.. She looked me right in the eye and said she would talk to me afterwards. When most of the people left I walked up to her and repeated the question and she said "Self Hypnosis is focused and meditation was non focused". Made sense to me !
What do you think?

Fresh-You said...

m- That sounds like a good differentiation - self hypnosis focusing on things you want to do, change, stop doing, etc, and meditation - stopping with all the focus, clearing your mind of the thousands of thoughts that stir inside us. I just love that we have so much power over our lives (not total power) but there is A LOT we can DO and ways we can BE to BE the BEST SELVES possible! Cheers to you, m! And thanks for commenting :)


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