Friday, December 9, 2011

Dr Oz and Oprah copied!

Just kidding! It is so cool that 3 or 4 years ago, I chose FRESH-YOU to be my nutrition, fitness, and wellness theme! AND it still seems to perfectly describe what I want to encourage YOU to do!

Get healthy or healthier inside and out! Also, fresh-you makes me think of green: my favorite color - and fruits and veggies - and outdoors and new life! May freshness be with you!!

Now, Dr Oz and Oprah have chosen FRESH-START to be their big theme for 2012! I'm sure they have lots of great ideas and you can find them in the current issue of Oprah's O Magazine!

I only heard about it yesterday afternoon in his interview with Oprah on the Dr Oz Show. One thing that will be a key element in the plan is making a change for 28-days, so that it becomes a habit. This is great advice! You will see that if you make a conscious effort to change one thing in your life for even a few weeks, it becomes more natural to perform the new activity, than you not!

Oprah is also going to be starting a new show in January on her TV network called the Next Chapter which sounds like it will be interesting, she will be going to India with Deepak Chopra for a start, who I just adore! You can get a simple lesson on meditation from him here.

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? TELL ME IN A COMMENT: What one change (it doesn't even have to be big) do you think you want to make next? ...drink more water, read more, less TV, more veggies, less meat, more cooking, take a vitamin... the possibilities are endless AND achievable!

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