Friday, November 30, 2001

Wellness, Weight Loss and Disease Treatment and Prevention

Being overweight is often a cause of other health problems involving cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar control, digestive imbalances, bone density, immunity, forgetfulness, fatigue, and even cancer.

Working with me, you will learn the ways and whys of how to improve your overall quality of life. That may mean finding out how to have more energy, to get off of those blood pressure, diabetes, or reflux pills, or to take your future health in to your own hands by finding ways to reduce your risk of cancer and keep your mental capacity strong.

Lots of things can help, and I of course believe strongly in the "what you eat" component. I also stress the importance of a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Also, eating healthily does not have to mean casting your taste buds into the wind! Together, we'll get you fit and eating healthily - in ways that you will enjoy!


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