Friday, November 30, 2001

Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Seminar Series

This service is a series of three classes for a small group interested in becoming healthier together. It's a fun and motivating way to jump-start your healthier life! The small group allows for lively discussion throughout, and you'll find everyone has something to offer! You practice healthy habits of your own right now, even if you don't know it!
If you know me, you know that all-around health is my passion! We have so much more control than most people think :) This series is a great way for all of us to explore new ways to be healthier, happier, and have more energy!

There will be delicious tastings to try at each session, like savory guacamole pizza and scrumptious cranberry peach muffin tops!

With my help, you will each set specific weekly goals to provide a clear and easy road map to a healthier you!

YOU! I am psyched about your interest in health and wellness for you and your family! Plus, if you know someone else who might be interested, let them know about it too -- it’s really fun with friends!

A three-part series: “Live Your WHOLE Life Healthily!”, with each class building on the previous meeting! Week 1: Overview of nutrition and wellness for individuals and families.
Week 2: “Buzz on Breakfast” highlights weight loss, improved grades, and increased energy.
Week 3: “Save Money and Your Health” helps one shop, cook, and save -- nutritiously!

Come with an appetite -- I have lots for you to try! The small group (around 6 participants), allows everyone to discuss, ask, and share as much as you like. I have Powerpoints, handouts, cupboards and a refrigerator full of food, nutrition labels, helpful resources like books and video clips, and who knows what else!

I almost always do the series in my home, but I HAVE done it at someone else’s house, so if getting together at your house appeals to you, and you have some friends who are interested, just ask!

Weekly or every other week, on Monday nights, 7:30-9:30pm. 
Feel free to suggest a date when you and your friends want to meet!

How much?
The cost of the series is $100 per person.

I’m certain you will come away with powerful knowledge, motivation, and ideas to be on your way to a healthier and happier you, after each class, and as the series ends!

Let me know if you are interested and I will email you when I run the next session :)


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