Friday, November 30, 2001

Childhood Obesity and Healthy Eating for Infants and Children

Your physician has finally said those dreaded words, "Your child is obese." While it may sound scary, it's better to know now and make changes for which your child will one day thank you. Children pick up habits, good and bad, that last a lifetime. The results may not be seen for decades, but they will certainly not go without eventual consequences. Sadly, many of today's children are at serious risk for various diseases previously unseen in children. The good news is that kids adapt quite easily; that is, they are better than us at changing!

Working with me, you will learn the ways and whys of how to improve the overall quality of life of your whole family. Often getting moving is the most important factor, though this is more easily said than done. We'll work from the root of the problem.

Here is a post for beginning baby foods -- all simple and healthy choices!  Top 5 Quick and Easy Baby Foods


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