Friday, November 30, 2001

Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Presentations

Is your fitness center, school, small or large business, place of worship, library, PTA, community or non-profit organization, or cooking club looking for someone to share some words of wellness wisdom? I love to present lectures on a wide variety of nutrition topics, from heart health to marathon preparation.

Choose any topic of interest to you and your group, or select one of the following lectures:

  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine
  • Healthy Living for a Lifetime
  • Cardio Balance: Decrease Your Risk or Meds
  • Sports Nutrition: Eating for Optimal Performance (may be geared toward a specific sport or activity)
  • How to Get Moving
  • Making Nutrition Fun for Kids (may be geared toward all children or specifically to overweight/obese children)
  • Nutrition News for New Moms (baby blues, weight loss, nursing needs, infant nutrition, brain food, and more!)
  • Other topics: The Truth about Dietary Supplements, Food Safety, Weight Loss that Lasts, Cutting the Carbohydrate Craze, and Cooking Quick and Healthy Meals, Diabetes, Mental Health, Cancer Prevention, Super Foods, Eating Out.


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