Saturday, February 18, 2017

Free Naked Food Magazine, and Vegan/Vegetarian Stuff Popping Up Everywhere!

Happy birthday to me :) It started with a Smooth Banana Bread birthday breakfast! A many Dr Greger check mark recipe!
He even made it to my birthday celebration; see on the cardboard: Dr Greger on a computer saying "Eat More Plants!"
You can celebrate too, by taking the opportunity we all have to get a FREE 2-year digital subscription to a new Whole Foods Plants Based magazine: NAKED FOOD MAGAZINE! This magazine is associated with Dr Campbell, The China Study, and an awesome plant based initiative called PLANTPURE NATION. You may also like to buy a paper subscription to the magazine, and The Plantpure Kitchen, which I'm sure has awesome recipes! You can also look for their meal starters which are reasonably priced, and I want to try soon! Note, THERE IS NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to subscribe digitally. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!


Next, I want to share a fun collection I've been accumulating. They represent a sign of the times - plant base whole foods are catching on! Check out the captions if the photos are too small to see. Enjoy!
"Everything's organic, authentic, fair-trade, and locally sources! Are you vegan? You seem vegan..." in Strawberry Shortcake #2 Comic.

"Worms!" Catina yelped. "You know I'm vegetarian!" "They are not real worms," Houndsley assured his friend. They only look like worms. They are made of tofu." in Houndsley and Catina by James Howe.

This was from the 2/12/17 Simpsons episode (my hubby watches ;) ). There was TOFU BELL, KENTUCKY STEAMED CHICKPEAS, and more! in "Fatzcarraldo".
Lego Magazine: "Does it come with seaweed? I'm a vegetarian."

If you live in Cleveland, OH, here is a flyer for my next classes! Monday, FEB 20, for Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and FEB 28, for Fueling Your Young Athlete! Please email if you're interested! It's always so much fun, and everybody learns some things, and gets some new ideas and motivation to be the healthiest they can be!

My dear hubby (and kiddos :) found vegan cupcakes to celebrate at Vegan Sweet Tooth! Delicious! Absolutely a treat - we were all knocked out by the sweetness :) Chocolate raspberry, strawberry shortcake, chocolate salted caramel, vanilla, and some interesting sort of lavender flavor :) Also, some ginger turmeric tea! And other cool stuff from family and friends. I'm such a lucky girl!

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