Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cranberry Toast Snack and Top 3 Reasons to Eat Cranberries

Cranberries are a superstar in the world of nutrition! Loaded with anthocyanins (the pigment in red, purple, and blue plants), they help our bodies stay and get back to awesome! In the lab, anthocyanins have been found to keep FAT from growing in the liver*, as well as protect us from CANCER in the liver, brain, colon, lung, mouth, ovary, prostate and stomach!

One great way to eat cranberries, is as a sauce -- try Tangy Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce!

Here is a delicious snack:

Cranberry Toast Snack
Sprouted grain toast
Natural peanut butter or almond butter
Tangy Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

This contains about 5 Dr Greger Daily Dozen Checkmarks!
1) whole grain, 2) nut butter, 3) berries, 4) other fruit (orange, dates), and 5) cinnamon


Did you know you have to eat 26 CANS OF CRANBERRY SAUCE (processed) to get the anthocyanins in ONE cup of whole cranberries? Tangy Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce recipe calls for 3-4 cups of cranberries. That is as much anthocyanin as one might get from processed cranberry sauce in a whole lifetime (assuming one eats it just during the most people I know)!

Cranberries are also one of the top ranked fruits in terms of antioxidants. There are almost as many antioxidants in cranberries, as there are in blueberries, and you would have to eat 5 and a half apples to get the amount of antioxidants there are in one cup of cranberries.

Tangy Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce
*Liver disease is more common than you might think. ONE IN THREE adults have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease :( Avoiding cholesterol and sugar may help to prevent this deadly condition, as well as consuming foods high in anthocyanins, like cranberries!

Please check out Dr Greger's Videos (and cited resources) for more detailed information :)
Cranberries vs Cancer
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