Friday, August 2, 2013

What do Sponge Bob and Triathlons have in Common?

Above is everything I needed for the triathlon I did on Sunday (all but my bike and some CHIA FRESCA).

Note the SQUEEZERS in the middle!

I'd been using these children's fruit squeezers (basically applesauce-ish packets) as a source of fuel (instead of the usual gels) during long runs for maybe a year, and then at the Boston Marathon Expo, I saw THIS PowerBar display!

Since these can go for up to $2 or more each, just go with the kiddo versions(also check them out here)!

For me, they are better than traditional gels because they have a higher water content and I can use all the hydrating help I can get :)

Squeezers aren't "textbook-ly" ideal for endurance fuel due to the fructose and fiber content. HOWEVER, if you eat a high-fiber diet, the small amount of fiber shouldn't bother you.  Plus, PowerBar has likely found it to work well too, since they sell them :)

Always be sure to EXPERIMENT during your training, rather than at a race!

Drug Mart (an area drug store) even sells some fruit squeezers for 40 cents each!

COMMENTS?  What other weird running foods do you eat?  I used to make my own running gels with jelly and some salt - yikes!  Happy weekend!

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