Monday, May 7, 2012

Trying a TRI?! Tips for Triathlon Training

Here are 3 BASIC Elements of TRIATHLON Training SUCCESS!

Hey Clevelanders, you can sign up for the Cleveland Triathlon -- it's August 5th -- so plenty of time to get prepared!  It's downtown, so you race race through the city!  It is part of a series and is associated with USA Triathlon Association.   There are races of increasing distances, so you can pick your best fit!

If you want to head out to Fairport Harbor, Ohio, there is an AWESOME race on July 22.  It's run by Lake Metroparks, beautifully run, and with a very minimal registration fee, saving you $$$$!!  Formerly, the Pirate Triathlon!  The 20th Annual Lake Metroparks Lighthouse Triathlon is sure to be a great experience for you!
That's great that you signed up for a tri!  You'll love it!!

1.  Since you have some time, I would try to train for a race or 2 (5 or 10k) over the next few months.  Click HERE to find a RACE and a TRAINING PLAN.  Run 3 or so times per week.

2.  Simultaneously, over the next few months, go for one bike ride each week (begin with 20 minutes, or less if that's all you can manage, and work up to 45-60 min).  

You'll also want to RUN AFTER your bike rides, as often as you can, to get the feel of running after riding -- your legs will be HEAVY.  Little tri-lingo for you: this is called a BRICK (a bike-run).  So, save one of your runs (from your running plan) for after your weekly bike ride.  Alternatively, you could just run 1-2 miles after your bike ride, and this would be in addition to your running plan.

3. If you can also get in one swim each week that'd be great.  Once Lake Erie warms up, swimming THERE for as many of your weekly swims as possible will be very beneficial.  OPEN WATER swimming is very different from the pool!  But no worries, triathlons are awesome!  Like with the bike training, you can set a duration of time, perhaps working up to 30 minute sessions.  Just keep moving.

One note of advice: Try to keep your body as close to the surface as possible.  Though, I am 99% certain that whomever you are, reading this article, YOU could probably give ME advice about swimming technique, and I would gladly appreciate it!  Please leave a COMMENT if you have a clue that might help others, AND me!

And DONE!  It's really a fun, well-rounded exercise!

For the record, the order is SWIM, BIKE, and then RUN -- in order of decreasing danger!
...drown, fall off your bike, trip....with any luck, none of this will happen! :)  Good luck!

To find a race in YOUR AREA, go to where there are loads of events listed which are held all over the country!  There are other sites, but this was one of the first to increase the popularity of the triathlon event for people of all ages and levels of fitness!  The site also has informative articles on a variety of training and other sport-related articles, from injury prevention to strength training!

Keep in mind THESE TRAINING TIPS (they apply to more than just running!), plus some GREAT reasons to SIGN UP (for a triathlon or a running race!)!


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