Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super Recipe Website!!!

Looking for a great place to find the perfect recipe?
 I have been coming to for years!

Image is from (they have a great review on the allrecipes app)

It's fabulous for at least 5 reasons!

1. All Recipes has a whole range of categories to choose from, but really a basic ingredient or dish search works well! You can search thousands of recipes to find just what you are looking for, even when maybe you don't even know WHAT you are looking for! You can search FOR one or MORE ingredients, and you can also choose to EXCLUDE recipes containing one or MORE ingredients.

2. A lot of other people apparently use  All Recipes because there are lots of RATINGS, thousands for some recipes!  You can of course look at the SCORE, but you can also note the NUMBER of ratings. A really bad recipe isn't likely to be used very many times.

3. People write REVIEWS on the recipes on All Recipes, SO if you care to, you can read through the reviews and take bits and pieces of everyone's comments to make the PERFECT recipe for YOU!

4. Besides great recipes, All Recipes also has a lot of lessons (often through videos) for a variety of basic cooking techniques.

5. They even have a great app you can put on your phone, so you can pick a great recipe in the grocery store parking lot! Click on this link to find a great review of the APP! by!

The tortilla recipe that I linked to look pretty awesome! I want to try those SOON!...with whole wheat flour and perhaps coconut oil :)

Plus, you can always go to my my recipe pages!  RECIPES and PRINTABLE RECIPES


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