Monday, May 13, 2013

Six Awesome Almond Products from Costco!

A buyer for Costco LOVES almonds, and I know why!

Delicious snacks listed in order from healthiest at the top...
All are pretty healthy TREATS at the very least, and most even worthy of more frequent snacking!

All nuts are AWESOME (awesome for energy!), and some nutrition experts would even say that ALMONDS top that list!

A key to getting the most nutritional bang for your buck is to REPLACE other less healthy fats with NUTS! ...rather than just adding them into your diet without making other changes.

Almond Products at Costco (other Costco stuff!)

#1 Raw Almonds

#2 Dry Roasted Almonds

#3 Maranatha Almond Butter (no photo)

#4 Almond Accents

AWESOME eaten on their own like chips as a snack!  AND even on a small scoop of ice cream! could pretty easily chop up the roasted almonds (purple lid) and add a bit of pepper for a similar snack ...minus the extra ingredients found in this product.

#5 Dark Chocolate and Almond Bark

Impressive 3 grams of fiber per serving!

#6 Thin Addictives

3 delicious thinly sliced cookies per 100-calorie packet!

COMMENTS: Are you doing any spring cleaning?  I LOVE getting organized and getting things clean!  You can't beat the sense of accomplishment!  Have any tips to share?  Or other great Costco products to recommend?


Anonymous said...

Yes, and don't forget to also tell your readers, that Costco almonds are treated with a toxic gas. !

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