Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 Tasty, Cheap, and Nutritious Reasons to Stop at Gordon Food Service!

Greaaaat Gordon FoodsThese are three products that make my trip to Gordon Food Service worthwhile! Each will save you lots of $$$$$$$$$!

Canned Roasted Red Peppers

I divide this huge quantity into smaller portions. I use for recipes such as: "Chicken" Artichoke CasseroleRED peppers have the most vitamin C of all the bell peppers!
(compared to green, yellow, and orange :)

Frozen Dark Tart Cherries

Another bright color -- those bright colors are very nutritious! They'll help you sleepFrozen fruits and veggies are packaged at their perfectly ripened peak -- maximal nutrition!

Corn Tortillas

They are super thin, so one tortilla is only 35 CALORIES! There are definitely brands available with many fewer ingredients, but these are still great to have on hand. Plus, they freeze perfectly! ...handy since you get 120 of them! Try these Awesome Avocado Quesadillas!

COMMENTS: What are your favorite bargains from Gordon Food Service, or any other food store?!

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