Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fruit Fun!

Thank you Costco for this great idea!  Peeling tangerines is pretty easy.  
Still, when I tried a sample of tangerines cut up this way, it was really easy to eat.  
Sometimes if I am peeling for my kids I can't keep up with the demand!
With just two quick cuts, you're ready to go!  

No orange colored nails after this quick, yummy snack!

Here is a quick trick for removing strawberry stems.
Simply poke a hard straw straight through a strawberry from the narrow bottom all the way up and out pops the stem!  Works like a charm!

No more half strawberries going to waste because kids don't want to eat near the stem!

BONUS: you can actually eat the stems, and you'll get some extra leafy greens!

What improves that perfect combination of banana and peanut butter!
A stick!  Everything is better on a stick! 

Our sticks were drink stirrers.

You might also like Slushy Spritzers!

One more thing a friend shared that I HAD to include here!
How terrific are these darling fruit and veggie trays?!?!

This is beautiful Sesame Street food art is from a darling family blog!  Thank you Bethany!
Plus, check out many, many other beautiful trays on Pinterest!

COMMENTS: Is it a busy time of year for you?  I find the anticipation of summer exciting, but whew, I feel like things are moving fast!  Plus, do you ever eat food on a stick?  If so, what is your favorite?


Kevin said...

That strawberry idea is fantastic... and I never even thought about eating the greens. It's always just been such a habit to cut them off. Makes a lot of sense though, and it sorta bothers me that I hadn't thought of that myself, haha.

Colleen Grossner said...

Thanks again, Kevin! Have a great night!!


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