Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Want to Lose Weight? Ice Cream Cone Awesomeness!

Ice cream cones are far from a whole food, void of nutrients, and lack even a bit of fiber! So what is so great about them?

Ice Cream Cones are an awesome tool for PORTION CONTROL and FUN (for kids, AND adults!), with a cost of very few calories!

Chocolate Covered Katie's Cherry Garcia!

Consider single serving cheeses (Babybel and Laughing Cow) and these cookie packets (Almond Addictives)! Similar to these products, you can have a "cone" of ice cream and be done! You can actually eat the "half-cup" serving suggested on food labels without it looking like a pea in a jar.

You can also use a SMALLER DISH for meals; you need less food to fill your plate -- fool yourself into satisfaction after eating less :)  Check out this video if you could use a laugh :)

Homemade ice cream is often very healthy, so you won't even have to worry about portion control!  No matter what, you're going to have very few ingredients, and it's likely that most ingredients will be very healthy :)

Chocolate Covered Katie and Melissa of My Whole Food Life have some great recipes! Yikes!  Check out Katie's Frozen Treats! and ice cream recipes under Melissa's Dessert Recipes!

Here is a machine you can try for making ice cream from fruit the Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker (also available at Target)!

Try raspberry sorbet! or make it with frozen mango!

Maybe some day I will get an ice cream maker!

If you're CHOOSING an ice cream to buy, look for few ingredients, look for wholesome sounding ingredients, choose something delicious, and just eat, ENJOY a half-cup serving in (or out of) a cone, and be done!  NO GUILT, please.

COMMENTS: What is your favorite part of summer?  You don't have to pick just one thing!  I love the warm weather, relaxing pool days, the beach!, less schedule, ...can't think of anything I DON'T like about summer!  Though it's not my favorite!  Fall wins, but it is a photo finish!  ...ok I'll stop :~ Your turn!

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