Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Simple Ways to Share Your Kindness

I am SO excited to make a day of this, with my kids, soon, soon, soon!

How good does it feel to perform a RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS?  My heart is pounding -- and I want to shout out -- AWESOME!

Just think about how fun it is to find money, whether it's a quarter or a twenty!

Now imagine getting a good parking space because someone let you in, or someone asking you to go ahead of them in line at a grocery store or the license bureau!

Random Acts of Kindness for your health!

YOU can make these things happen, without a lot effort.  The pay back is a wonderful MOOD and an amazing sense of well being, as well as awesome health benefits!

Random Acts of Kindness can make the giver AND the "getter" feel that there is goodness in the world, and that everything is going to be alright.

I can think of amazing times when a stranger has paid for my meal, a cashier or fellow shopper has helped me save money during check-out with an extra coupon, and generally things have happened that surprised me for the better!

Here are some suggestions to get started, and really the possibilities are endless!

#1 Hand out stamps to people in line at the post office.

#2 Take a neighbor's trash cans back up their driveway on garbage day.

#3 Leave a package of baby wipes at a fold-out changing table in a public restroom.

#4 Slip dollar bills in random places on the shelves at a dollar store.

#5 Send a card/letter to a friend or relative telling them why they mean so much to you.

#6 Pick up litter anywhere!

#7 When a UPS or FedEx package arrives, trade the delivery person your package for a packaged snack, like a Larabar!  You don't want to freak out a stranger with homemade goods.

#8 Deliver homemade cookies, like peanut butter cookies or LARABALLS, to a relative or a neighbor.

#9 Visit a nursing home.  There is always someone there who would love company :)

#10 Hand out stickers to kids on a playground.  To avoid worrying anyone about kids talking to strangers. have your kids do this, or offer them directly to parents to share with their kids.

Here is one family who knows all about Random Acts of Kindness -- what an awesome family tradition!

COMMENTS: What kind things have people done for you?  Have you seen Pay it Forward?  Cool movie!  Watch it free if you have Amazon Prime!

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