Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Perfectly Addicting Snack!

COTTAGE CHEESE is a great way to get protein to jump start your day OR eat before bed to make sure you don't get hungry in the middle of the night. How about some chick peas in there instead? Yes, please!

I have been adding Trader Joe's LEMON PEPPER with a built in GRINDER -- it is SO fabulous!!   I just love those pepper corns and lemon peels and garlic!!!

HEMP seed is also a great addition -- it blends right in with the yummy spices, and ADDS a BIG NUTRITIONAL punch! There is protein, fiber, and it's another plant source of OMEGA-3 fat (others include chia, flaxseed, and walnuts)! Dr Oz recommends these little seeds too!

Trader Joe's Lemon Pepper, shelled hemp seed!
Edit: please use chick peas instead of cottage cheese.
Chick peas + lemon pepper + hemp seed is all I add for a snack/small meal that I want to lick the bowl clean!  I hope you enjoy too!

COMMENTS: How do you enjoy your hemp seeds?

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