Monday, November 1, 2021

How did I Get Started on Plant Based???

I need an interview with Christine Harmon to let you all know what SHE does! (Also)

For now, here is the interview we had last week. I just want to say that when Christine asked me about my journey to plant based, I could have started with an even earlier step: cutting out processed foods and junk! That is another key factor in the whole world of PLANT BASED WHOLE FOODS.

I began learning about that from the Super Size Me (2004) movie and Ultraprevention (2003) by Mark Hyman and various readings from Dr Weil. Another very influential documentary was Food, Inc. (2008), in which journalist, author, and filmmaker Michael Pollan stars. Today, you could read Pollan's Food Rules, front to back, and it could change your life!

Here is the INTERVIEW! It is also available on FB HERE :)

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