Saturday, December 5, 2020

Recipe Highlight: Soups!

Recipe Highlight: Soups!

Did you ever notice that "soup" is a funny word if you keep looking at it and saying it? Anyway, don't you just love soup on a cozy, winter day? Fitting with all of my recipes, they are EASY and NUTRITIOUS. Looking here, it seems we like three types: stews, chilis, and creamy soups. Remember, cashews, white beans, and even cauliflower provide satisfying creaminess. Stews really fill us up and warm us up! Finally, chili always seems to be a crowd pleaser! When I ask patients "do you like beans?", and they reply NO, when I remind them about chili, they almost always say they do like the beans in chili. Anyway, here are several soup recipe links all in one place. Enjoy!


Easy Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Also, today I made an old favorite: Spicy "Vodka" Pasta. It's healthy and delicious version with no cream, oil, vodka, or salt!

All these recipes have plenty of Dr Greger's Daily Dozen Checkmarks. My daughters (14 and 12 yr old) recently came up with a challenge to themselves to get all their checkmarks for a week. To my absolute elation, they did it! Well, the younger one has a few more days, but she will get there! It was so amazing to hear them ask me for their turmeric tea, or a cup of beans, or B12! Any day that my kids come close to getting all those checkmarks is a day that I am assured that they have been fueled with wonderful nourishment. Their bodies function properly, they feel great, and thrive!


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