Friday, August 2, 2019

What?! A Movie about Sports Nutrition: The Game Changers

Save the date! SEPT 16, 2019

Image from Netflix

A fabulous, new healthy food documentary/movie is coming out in over 1000 theaters on September 16th! I simply can't wait! It is sure to be the new Forks Over Knives, with a sporty twist! I just love sports nutrition, one of my dearest passions!

Game Changers

"The Game Changers is a new film executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Chan that documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports, mixing real-time, groundbreaking science with cinematic stories of struggle and triumph. The film features some of the strongest, fastest and toughest athletes on the planet -- and it's backed by them too -- with additional EPs including Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, top-ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic, and nine-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul. ...[The movie also focuses on] the health of the entire global population."--from

In 600+ theaters! Order tickets now! 
Chance to WIN: If you go to the Game Changers website and sign up to be on mailing list you'll be in a drawing for tickets to the red carpet viewing of the movie on September 16th!

I should really mention that ever since I saw the original trailer for this movie, one of maybe two years ago, I have been stalking everywhere to find any word of when the full movie would come out. So yes, I am totally stoked to see the final version on September 16th! Join me!

Vegan 2018

Vegan 2018
For something more than a trailer to watch, see what was all the news of veganism in the world for 2018. At some point in Vegan 2018, see if you can spot my tiny, little face shouting "Go vegan!"

There are movies each of the last few years:
VEGAN 2017
VEGAN 2016 
VEGAN 2015

Comments: what health movies do you enjoy most?

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