Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Choose Chipotle! Choose Wisely!

When I am speaking with groups of students, they go wild when I mention that Chipotle is a healthy restaurant. I quickly have to explain that not everything served there is a healthy choice. We go through and decide together what options would be best.

Keep in mind, that almost all foods made outside the home contain an abundance of salt and oil, and often sugar. Hence, finding SOS-free (no salt, oil, and sugar) is challenging when eating out. You'll have to keep looking past Chipotle for that. Still, Chipotle CAN serve a pretty great meal!

Here you go!

1. Start off with plenty of salad!
2. Then choose cilantro-lime brown rice.
3. Then choose black and or pinto beans (grab double scoops of one or both!).
4. Add fajita vegetables.
5. Add fresh tomato salsa and roasted chili-corn salsa (these likely contain more fiber, though fiber content isn't provided on www.chipotle.com).
6. Finish with guacamole and more lettuce!


On our last family vacation, I realized I still needed a "berries checkmark". I decided to toss raisins in my bowl! It was delicious! Ever since, I have been adding raisins to all my Mexican food!

Let's have a look at Daily Dozen Checkmarks.

2-4 servings beans
1 serving berries (when you add raisins...keep a bag in your car!)
1 serving other fruit (guacamole)
1-2 servings greens
0 servings cruciferous (hmmm, how about adding diced red cabbage?)
2-5 servings other vegetables (peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn)
0 servings flax, nuts, turmeric (...another add on from home?...just saying...you could get all your checkmarks in one meal!)
1-3 servings whole grains (3 scoops of rice would be a lot for me, but it's possible!)
1 beverage (I recommend the soda water...I love bubbles!)

I estimate about 10 checkmarks for me per Chipotle visit! Those shown below, plus a whole grain and a beverage checkmark.

1 meal = 10 Daily Dozen Checkmarks! (whole grain checkmark not shown)

~Gratitude shout out! Our family earned a lot of free Chipotle meals this summer from lots of reading, THANK YOU CHIPOTLE!
~Chipotle now has a rewards program, which I can't believe I haven't yet signed up for! Go for it!
~In case you missed my Taco Bell post, HERE YOU GO!

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