Saturday, July 6, 2013

This Dude is Awesome!

I love how science and research can answer many questions, and I base my nutrition, fitness, and wellness advice on hard data! Dr Michael Greger, MD, of is AWESOME! Dr Greger concisely and visually convinces his viewers of the often fabulous benefits of whole foods, and also dispels harmful, and often all too common myths about health and nutrition.

Here are Dr Greger's more than 1500 health topicsWatch some videos and be motivated to make some changes! Enjoy! And thank you kindly, Dr Greger!

Beans are super-nutritious!
This video explains one more awesome benefit of BEANS!

Check out the awesomeness of dates (a key nutrient in many Laraball recipes!)!

Watch this one and I bet you'll start drinking a glass of water, first thing in the morning, as well as teaching the habit to each of your kiddos!

COMMENTS: What did you learn from one of Dr Greger's videos? There are so many that I still want to watch and learn from!

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