Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun Foods from Costco!

While WHOLE foods are always best, here are three awesome items from Costco!  
I'll share a bit about each, and nutrition labels are included too.

  • Heat in the microwave in less than a minute
  • Remind me a lot of Indian samosas, a savory fried potato pastry!
  • The first ingredient is spinach and their aren't a lot mysterious ingredients.
  • To kids, they are kind of like nuggets!
  • They are only 120 calories each with 5 grams of fiber!

Veggie Patch Mediterranean Spinach and Chickpea Patties


  • Sweetened with grape juice, rather than sugar!
  • 100 calories, and 4 grams of fiber!
  • BONUS: did you know that grapefruit enhances the energizing effects of caffeine?!
  • Note: remember to keep them in your fridge!

Kirkland Signature Red Grapefruit

Addicting CHOCOLATE-COVERED Pretzel Crisps!
  • These rock!
  • You get 5 crisps for one 130-calorie serving
  • It would be wonderful if the pretzels were whole grain or you knew the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, but really these are just a delicious treat!
  • So it's a lesson on being picky about your treats -- finding things you really love and ENJOYING them!
We ENJOY these! For more on SAVORING, click HERE or HERE for the many benefits of chocolate!
Snack Factory Dark Chocolate Crunch Pretzel Crisps

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