Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tater Tots for a Balanced Meal?!

Healthy creamy pasta sauce anyone?...coming soon!
Best, cheapest, healthiest, easiest refried beans ever! ...coming soon!

AND did you ever think that tater tots could be a well-balanced, delicious, and fun MEAL?!

TATER TOTS (without potatoes!)
Note: potatoes aren't unhealthy, but quinoa and beans are MUCH more NUTRITIONALLY dense!

Chocolate Covered Katie introduced these tots which she found in an awesome cookbook by Julie Morris:

This is what I do:

  1. Started cooking 1/2 c quinoa (in 1.5 c water, 2:1 ratio) to get 2 cups cooked (1c dry quinoa = 4 c cooked!)
  2. Drain, rinse and mash a can of white beans (reserve juice in case dough needs moisture)
  3. Diced one small onion (about 1/2 c)
  4. Added 1/4 c each: sesame seeds, ground flaxseed, and brown rice OR whole wheat flour
  5. 1 Tbsp soy sauce (or miso)
  6. Combine quinoa, beans, onion, dry ingredients, and soy sauce.
  7. Form into balls, rolls (then sliced for tots!), or patties.
  8. You can brown on a pan on the stove or bake in the oven (baking doesn't look as much like usual tater tots).
  9. Top with mustard for another health boost!

The way I describe above is a double batch of the original, with a few other slight changes.

You can freeze some for later (though when I make them, I can hardly get them off the pan before they are gobbled up by all!).

Note: this pan is gone now. I didn't use it much because of the dangers of Teflon. I got a new pan I'll be sharing soon!
HERE is Julie's book:

Click on book to see in Amazon!

COMMENTS: would you rather see dried beans SIMPLIFIED, or Creamy Avocado Pasta next?

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