Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yoga Benefits for All AND Cosmic Kids Yoga!

If you want to calm down, relax, AND have fun with your child, try Cosmic Kids Yoga!

Yoga for children should be quick moving and fun!  In Cosmic Kids Yoga, Jaime pleasantly takes kids on vivid adventures and her background is vibrant and dreamy!

Like adults, kids get lots of health benefits from practicing yoga, and more interestingly, we can all experience these TOP 5 BENEFITS of YOGA!

1) Feeling HAPPIER, and more CONTENT after yoga!

2) "Even beginners feel LESS stressed and more RELAXED after their first class." -- WedMD
" can help counter the stresses experienced by young people living in a hurry-up world." -- Yoga Journal


4) Accepting yourself!

5) More energy!

Bonus Benefits: strength, flexibility, balance, posture, coordination, body awareness, breathing, and heart health!

GO ahead and give Cosmic Kids Yoga a try!  
You just may have a more peaceful time with your kiddos!

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COMMENTS: Do you practice yoga?  What benefits do you find most helpful?  Think your kids would like to try?


Physical Therapist Ridgewood said...

Great video! I am finding a best yoga routine for my son. I think these poses are beneficial for him. I am going to do these with him to increase his brain and body power.

Unknown said...

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