Monday, October 29, 2012

Get Your Citrus Burst!

True Lime and True Lemon are amazing!

I am loving it!

My hubby actually found it for me on and as he suspected...
I love the ingredients list!
So it's helping me drink more water!

Just add a packet to some water for a refreshing drink!

And for a few more days (Octobasale!), there's a great deal!

These tiny packets are packed with FLAVOR!  
Each packet = basically just a fresh fruit wedge that's been crystallized.
It's a powder made from citrus oils and juices!

The possibilities are endless!
Mojitos, rice, salsa, tea, burritos, Popsicles, avocado, tortilla soup!

This looks like another cool option -- sweetened with the natural sweetener STEVIA!

True Orange will be arriving at my house any day!

And there is a super SALE going on for the next few days!!  Check it out HERE!

BONUS TIP: Stevia is a natural alternative to regular (sugar) or artificial sweeteners.  However, it is labeled as a DIETARY SUPPLEMENT and is therefore unregulated.  SO, if you ever buy/eat STEVIA, on it's own or in another product (such as the raspberry drink above), make sure it is NOT the EXTRACT, and that there aren't lots of other ingredients listed in the product.  You can GROW IT in your backyard for a super-SAFE option!

COMMENTS: How would you use your True Citrus products?

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