Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forever Fresh Basil!

SO cool -- store your fresh herbs in a vase (or beer mug!)!
They may NEVER go bad!

Seriously!  Thanks to my cousin, Kim, for sharing her delicious fresh basil!  She gave me LOTS and sent it home with the bottom wrapped in a wet paper towel and told me to keep it in water.

Oh my goodness, so awesome!

I feel like I am going out and picking fresh basil from my yard each night from this one great supply!
It's a few weeks later, and I still have some!!

Tomatoes came from another friend with a green thumb -- you should see the bold redness inside those delicious babies!!

Since then, I've bought some cilantro, and popped it in another cup, and it looks better than it did the day I purchased it!

While I have even recommended this tip in the past, putting the tip to like an exciting discovery, and money saver!  Like with avocados! here avocado storage tips, as well as other quick tips for the kitchen!

Try your fresh basil in this Penne Italiana!

Or in a nice caprese salad (fresh mozzarella and tomatoes olive oil and salt and pepper) or Tomato Cashew Soup (COMING SOON!)

Also, while you've got all this delicious summertime fresh basil, you really ought to try PRACTICAL PESTO contains a nutritional bonus in there if you dare!  In the pesto post, I suggest freezing some pureed basil and nuts, and you could also freeze basil on its own!  Like Dorot products!


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