Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spice Up Your Life! -- Conveniently!

Using fresh spices has never been easier! No need to wash, chop, or worry about your herbs getting rotten!

These are refrigerated, fresh herbs by Gourmet Garden!
I purchased from Dave's Supermarket.


Basil for Easy Eggplant Parm or Penne Italiana!

Cilantro for Mexican Fiesta Bowl or Guacamole!

Dorot makes these awesome frozen fresh herbs I've mentioned before! This sweet package from Costco comes with 2 packs each of garlic and basil, plus a cilantro pack and a parsley pack. This package is a super bargain -- the entire box was around $8!

Parsley for Dr Oz's Tangy Green Drink!

Garlic for Heavenly Hummus!

McCormick makes these award winning pre-measured spices and recipe cards are so cool! I haven't tried these yet, but what an awesome idea! They have a wide variety of dinner dishes, from Chicken Cacciatorie to Tuscan Chicken Stew!
COMMENTS: Ever tried any of these?  Especially the last spicy example?

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