Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dragon Fruit in Thailand!

TODAY (actually 6/15 but we're a day ahead here!) is our 10 year anniversary! We're celebrating in THAILAND! I've meant to share so many fun foods and experiences on our trip, and anyway here is the first...a strange new (to me!) fruit!

What's black and white and red (magenta) all over? Besides a newspaper... it's dragon fruit!

You can try some yourself in dried form at Trader Joe's!  Straight from Thailand!!!

Probably tastes best fresh, so you might have some luck finding it at an Asian market, 
for a fun EXPERIENCE!  

New dried fruit flavor...TRY DRIED KIWI (shown below, super-sweet with no sugar added!).

You'll have to search a bit for it, not sure where best to find it in US!  Please tell me if you do!

Dragon fruit (also called pitaya) is high in vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and some minerals, and it tastes pretty nice, the seeds are just like a kiwi's seeds and the texture is sort of like a crispy melon, unusual and mild.  The best part of it is the fun experience of eating something so strange looking, inside and out!

For some mouth-watering taste, go for some mango, papaya, guava, passion fruit flavors!  Passion fruit has been my favorite ever since I first tried it in Australia back before we had kids!

Click here for some FUNKY produce grown in Cleveland, Ohio, and all over the US!

We enjoyed the fresh markets of Bangkok, pictures to come....but now I'm off to play some soccer golf!

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