Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Consultations              Rates for Services

A consultation consists of a diet analysis, as well as a fitness evaluation, and brief sleep and stress evaluations. Your diet will be analyzed for variety, moderation, and balance. Meal and serving sizes, food groups, and frequency of eating in your daily regimen will be evaluated. Overall nutritional adequacy will also be evaluated.

These analyses will help gear your instruction toward your specific nutritional and habitual needs. I will discuss with you the results, and we will set measurable and achievable goals which will give you specific ways to feasibly implement the changes in your diet, fitness program, and lifestyle to improve your quality of life!

This is a fun and motivating series of three classes for you and your friends who want to jump-start your healthier life! You'll learn about how to be healthy all around, from getting great recipes and snack ideas, to learning exercises that will help your whole body feel better all day long!

Is your fitness center, school, small or large business, church or temple, library, PTA, community, non-profit organization, sports team, or running club looking for someone to share some wellness words of wisdom? I present lectures on a wide variety of nutrition topics, from heart health to marathon preparation.

Choose any topic of interest to you and your group, or select one of the lectures listed in the above link.

Grocery Shopping Tours                                                     Rates for Services

We will take a trip through the grocery store!  You will show me what you usually purchase and want to buy. I will point you in the direction of the healthiest foods, educate you about label reading, and provide other shopping tips.

These include a variety of further body composition, fitness, and nutrient analyses.


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