Saturday, June 8, 2019

Leafside Home Delivered Plant Based Whole Food Meals!

Leafside Home Delivered Plant Based Whole Food Meals

How's this for a logo?

This is such a fabulous idea for people who want to eat healthy on-the-go! For $7.99 with free shipping and handling, you can have a quick, nutritious and tasty meal! These are the first meals we tried!

I loved how you could really taste the raspberries in the sweet bowl! My daughter appreciated that you could NOT taste the mushrooms in the sweet bowl! Nice to for her to get some ERGOTHIONEINE. This is an amino acid primarily present in mushrooms, practically no other food, actually there is a little bit in some foods like organ meats and beans; however, mushrooms have 40x the amount of the closest competitor!

Ergothioneine protects our DNA!

Ergothioneine: A New Vitamin? - this is an article about antioxidants and aging, and here is a link to a video about ergothioneine!

I just love the amazing ingredients provided in one quick, effortless meal! Here is two examples! 

organic cashews
organic buckwheat noodles
non-GMO soy curls
organic white onions
broccoli florets
organic subdried tomatoes
white button mushrooms
organic nutritional yeast
organic flaxseeds
organic carrots
organic porcini mushrooms
sea salt
organic celery
organic miso powder
organic mustard seed
organic turmeric
organic lemon
organic black pepper
organic herbs & spices

organic dates
organic oats
organic raspberries
organic quinoa
organic cacao powder
organic cacao nibs
organic Ceylon cinnamon
organic coconut flour, 
raw macadamia nuts
organic flaxseeds
organic spinach organic kale
organic peas, 
organic beets
organic porcini mushrooms
organic mustard seed
organic herbs and spices

Some Awesome Smoothies:
Mint Chip Smoothie

Some Savory Meals:
Smoky Pea Soup

The savory meals contain salt, however you can ask for SOS-free versions. Note: the ingredients will still include salt and/or miso even though there will be none. On the front there will be a sticker saying "SOS-free".

Also, note that Leafside currently only delivers within the US. The company would love to hear FROM YOU where you are from, as they expand internationally.

I can't wait to try them all! Visit so you can try them too!

You can figure out which meals you enjoy the most and then have some come every few months to have some meals ready when you run out of time and don't want to eat junk!

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Fresh-You said...

LeafSide meals range from 400-690 calories, and each meal pack is meant to provide a real meal to one hungry person, or 2 smaller portions (to share with someone else, or enjoy over 2 separate meals). Leafside's FAQ helps explain why we provide a full meal's worth of nutrition! (thanks Kai Wu!)


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