Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ideas for Lent!

Another beautiful season of Lent is about to begin. If you haven't already decided what you will be doing to prepare for Easter, here are some ideas!

This little one loves to help, so she wants to make beds and take out trash for Lent.
Lenten Promise Ideas

Make a family dinner EVERY night. Unfortunately, I don't already do this, but fortunately for my family, this Lent I am going to go for it! You could aim to eat in 5 days per week, or make 2 dinners per week, or sit down to a family meal once per week.

Perform a random act of kindness daily, such as helping someone fill their trunk with groceries, holding a door open for a crowd, smiling and saying hello to a stranger, letting someone go in front of you in line, buying someone flowers, buying someone a treat, making something special for a friend or family member, doing an extra chore/errand and not saying you did, writing a letter or calling a loved one, taking a grocery cart to or from someone, shoveling a walk way, baking or cooking for someone. WRITE IN THE COMMENTS other ideas! Or share a story of what you have done - spread some good news!

Exercise every day, or every other day, anything you can commit to, that is more than you do now.

Give up alcohol for Lent, or on weekdays, or on weekends.

Give up refined sugar (this doesn't refer to whole fruit or whole grains!).

Give up...the internet, or texting, or youtube, or movies, or TV, or electronics in the evening, or turn off your phone for 2 hrs a day...any bit "off the grid" we can get will surely help us with our Lenten goals.

Commit to meeting one of your Dr Greger Daily Dozen Checklist items daily. For example, I will have flaxseed every day during Lent.

Drink 5 glasses of water every day during Lent.

Say the Rosary every day during Lent, or three days per week, or on Saturdays.

Prayerfully review your day with the Daily Examen from St Ignatius.

Go to Reconciliation each week during Lent, or once during Lent.

Do yoga for 10 minutes per day, or 2 classes per week, or once a week.

Sit quietly and just breathe for 5 minutes each morning.

Here are some other examples from a previous post: Other Lenten Ideas 

May God bless you today, and always!

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