Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fair Trade Chocolate

While until very recently I knew very little about the subject of Fair Trade Chocolate. Now that I know more, it is clear that the MAJORITY of the chocolate across the whole world is a result of terrible injustice. I suspect that if you watch this documentary called Chocolate the Bitter Truth you may think twice about buying another bag of chocolate.  I know I am! Here is the first part of the documentary. If this link stops working, just look up "Chocolate the Bitter Truth" or "The Dark Side of Chocolate" on

For an awesome introduction to this terrifying topic, check out this wonderful article by Tsh of which informed me of this heartbreaking injustice.  Thank you Katy for the link!

Also, Divine Chocolates are among the many great options available which are produced by means of FAIR TRADE and ~ OWNED by cocoa farmers!  It's Chocolate Week :)

COMMENTS: What do you think?  Are you shocked?  Numb to it?  Would you show your kids?

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