Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miracle Paper by Fenugreen

Sick of your veggies and fruits going bad?  Try this awesome paper, FreshPaper, and your produce will last two to four times longer before going rotten!

It all started when the inventor, Kavita Shukla, was visiting her grandma in India, drank some untreated water, and her grandma made her a concoction of spices to drink, and amazingly Kavita didn't get sick!

Fenugreen FreshPaper should be placed under or within any produce package and the organic Indian spices will significantly slow bacterial growth!

Every time you buy a pack, Whole Foods makes it possible to donate a pack to a food shelter!  So when you buy, you're helping others!

Lots of people, besides me, think it's really cool too!  For example, Oprah Magazine said, "The best non-diet tip we've ever heard!".  Check it all out in this brief CNN clip below:

There is also a TED talk by Kavita which is when I first learned about this product.  Remember  It is this awesome website that I just love!

FreshPaper is sold at Whole Foods and other in-store locations (though they didn't haven't it at Woodmere when I went last week -- boo!), and

Before you get some of this paper, or instead, you can always use a VINEGAR AND WATER solution to wash produce, removing the bacteria that causes food to go bad.  I have found this technique to be quite effective!

Basically, a 1:3 ratio of vinegar-to-water works well, though measuring isn't important.  Two methods work well, including filling a spray bottle to squirt on your fruits and veggies.  The other method is to give your fruits and veggies a quick soak/swish in a bowl of the solution.  According to Cook's Illustrated, vinegar has been shown to kill 98% of the bacteria on produce!

BONUS TIP: Once ripe, store avocados in your refrigerator until you use them; they'll keep for weeks this way!  Click here for other quick tips for the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

I am from India and am a little offended to read that " no one is supposed to drink water in India". I really don't get it. Just like we get Brita/Pur here, we do have filtration systems out there and if not every house hold boils water. How do you think everyone one survives w/o water there? Yes, bottled water is available but how pure/safe it is here holds the same there. My 3 yr old had no health issues ever when we visited.

Fresh-You said...

Please accept my sincere apology for offending you about the water in India. I was taking Kavita's story, her truth, for the truth. I hadn't considered the safety of water in India other than her account of her experience with her grandma (which I believe happened when she was a kid, so probably at least 15 years or so back). In the post above, perhaps I'll add "untreated". Does that sound more appropriate? By the way, I would love to visit India some day; I love the beautiful culture and my mouth waters for the food! Thanks for the input! Have a nice night :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for understanding and really do appreciate your apology. And now its my turn to apologize for the tone. I missed out on the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence and was upset that the comment came from you. Sorry again if I spoiled your evening...

Fresh-You said...

Thanks so much for reading the blog! Hope you enjoy it otherwise :)

Broken Arrow Kitchen Renovations said...

Thank yyou for sharing this


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