Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cool Off with Iced Green Tea!

Iced GREEN TEA is a wonderful way to cool off, HYDRATE, energize, and get HEALTHY!

I love the slow caffeine infusion that comes from green tea!
It's naturally lower in caffeine than other teas, so you have to drink more (better hydration!) to get more caffeine :)


For some caffeine comparison see chart below :)

This generally what I do with some notes!

Iced Green Tea
  • Boil some water in a kettle.
  • Wait a few minutes (green tea steeps and tastes best with hot, not boiling, water).
  • I use the brand Costco carries (Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend) which gets super reviews from for authenticity, which I think is lucky for me, and other Costco shoppers!)
  • Add 4-6 tea bags to a mug of water to steep for 30 seconds! (another bit that's different for green tea).
  • Most other teas are best with a steep time of around 3 min.
  • Do not discard tea pouches.
  • Prepare a pitcher of ice water, lots of ice, about a quart of water, AND the powder remaining in each of the tea bag pouches.
  • Add hot tea to pitcher, and enjoy!

Click on image below for BENEFITS of GREEN TEA.

Caffeine is so helpful to our bodies in MANY WAYS! Here is a look at how much caffeine you get from different sources :)

Caffeine Content
Wrinkle Free? Green Tea Please!
3 Bountiful Benefits of Coffee and Caffeine [and tea]
Lucky 7 Sipping Suggestions (tea is among these healthy drinking ideas)
Five Coffee Tricks [to decrease caffeine intake BESIDES switching to green tea!]

BONUS TIP from the Dr Oz Show: if you're interested in humidity, key in on DEW POINT (at 70 degrees or higher, it will feel really humid) during weather reports. Humidity is NOT the number to look for, since it varies quite a bit depending on temperature and precipitation. Therefore, there isn't an ideal percentage to hope for if you prefer less sticky days.  In Cleveland, OH, we're very familiar with sticky days!

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