Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dr Oz's Tangy Green Drink

Here are some benefits of this tangy green drink! You get nearly 40% of the fiber you need each day, half of your iron, vitamins A, and folate (the important vitamin for pregnancy), tons of vitamin C (may help relieve arthritis) and vitamin K (well over daily requirement), 25% of magnesium and riboflavin and it’s a source of coenzyme Q10 (important especially for those on statin drugs).

There is lipoic acid which is important for fat burning capacity, lutein for your eyes, and glutathione an important antioxidant for cancer prevention. Silica helps with skin health and your overall complexion. Green drink also provides some calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, and all but one of the B vitamins (7 out of 8).

Experiment with making it however is best for you, and you will certainly become more efficient with experience. Soon, you may find you miss it on days that you don’t drink it! I find that when we (my husband and I) are into the habit of making it, we are sick less often and feeling healthier overall!

1-2 c water
1 lemon, slices, remove seeds and peel*
2 large handfuls spinach
1 small handful fresh parsley
2 apples, chopped
1 inch cube fresh ginger, peeled
1 small cucumber
3 stalks celery

Combine all ingredients until well blended. Note that blending time may warm drink and require chilling time in the frig or ice to drink right away! Preparation makes roughly two 32-ounce servings. Begin your day with a head start on your veggie intake, a good amount of healthy hydration, and a burst of energy from doing something for the good of your own body and well-being! Thanks Dr Oz!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell me in a comment below: Do you watch Dr Oz? What is the best advice he ever gave you? What hints from him have stuck?

*OR 1/2 c lemon juice or 5-8 packets True Lemon


Mare2812 said...

Do you use a blender when making the Dr. Oz green drink?

Fresh-You said...

I use a Blendtec (similar to Vitamix, but I think better...I had a Vitamix for this drink, and it was still giving me trouble, so I got the Blendtec, and it's been awesome!). If you only have a blender, just chop everything up pretty well before you start, and you can do it...I used blender for a while when I started making this drink years I have had a Blendtec for years! Sorry for the belated answer :~ Good luck!

Susie F said...

I have a Blendtec but it is SO loud! Any suggestions? I don't watch Dr. Oz but I am a fan of green drinks.
I have been juicing a similar green drink for myself and my husband for the last 3 weeks, 16ozs. each. Instead of Spinach and parsley, which we eat in our salads, I use 6 leaves of Lacinato(Italian) Kale and half of a lemon or lime, peeled.
We love the ginger! Yum!

Fresh-You said...

Sorry Susie, to just reply! Yes, Blendtec is loud, but SO FAST (so it kinda makes up for the sounds :) Kale is a super choice!! Hope the green drinking is still going well! Have a great night!

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Richard C. Lambert said...

Here are some benefits of this tangy green drink! You get nearly 40% of the fiber you need each day, half of your iron. best garcinia cambogia

Anna Schafer said...

I find that when we (my husband and I) are into the habit of making it, we are sick less often and feeling healthier overall!Dave

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juice oxidation said...

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