Sunday, January 1, 2006

Ever Wonder about Pasta Sauce?

Marinara sauce like salsa) is a really nutritious food which contains cooked tomatoes, which contain high levels of LYCOPENE, a phytochemical, well known for it's role in possibly preventing prostate cancer and heart disease.

Most important to read labels for:

  • NO sugar
  • NO oil
  • NO cheese, milk, dairy
  • NO extra chemicals

Watch out for SUGAR by any name in the ingredients list, or other ingredients that young readers (and sometimes adults) can't pronounce! Your favorite may have a nice ingredients list, but be sure to check! I want you to be an informed shopper, and knowing your LABELS is a tool that will take you a long way!

Kirkland's Signature Organic Marinara sauce is free of sugar and dairy, but there is oil in it. Post coming soon on how to decrease oil level in sauce.

We used to love Cleveland's own, Little Italy Pasta Sauce; unfortunately, it contains a small amount of cheese :(

Contains cheese :( Boo hoo!

TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK? Have you ever made your own sauce? Do you ever used jarred sauce? Growing up, my mom made sauce that cooked on the stove all day long, YUM!, and my father and brothers were very particular in their sauce preferences, as in, NO jarred sauce!

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