Sunday, December 30, 2001

Go on Autopilot!

With ROUTINES-- these seem to be a common theme of many organizational suggestions. I used to think that it was overkill to set up a list of things you want to do each morning or evening, and that it would be tough to do all those things regularly.

Really, it’s just the opposite, once it is all set up, you have great habits, and you don’t even have to try to think of everything that needs to get done, you’ll do it on autopilot.

You should always do all of the things on your list. After all, you create the list based on YOUR life and YOUR needs. It’s a funny cycle, but it makes sense. You know “bad” habits are hard to break, well actually “habits” are hard to break, so get some good habits, and you’ll be set!

Simply make a checklist of each thing you should do before bed, then do them nightly.

Here is an example:

Pack lunches for tomorrow.
Straighten up kitchen.
Get clothes and other school stuff ready for tomorrow.
Go over calendar.
Pick your most important things (MITs) for tomorrow.
Straighten up bedroom.
Get ready for bed.
Lights out for sleep.

Enjoy not thinking about this part of your day -- go on autopilot!

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