Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lucky Seven New Costco Eats!

Kirkland Organic Natural peanut butter disappeared after the Salmonella peanut scare a few years back.  Finally it's BACK, more expensive than before, but only $3.42/lb for organic peanuts!  Thanks, Melissa, for letting me know...about the cashews too!  Nut Butters are Neat-O!

The new thing here is that these Kirkland cashews are UNSALTED!  Even if you like some salt, you can buy some of each and mix them up, for half the salt!  Eat for Energy -- Whole Grains and Nuts -- Top 6 Reasons!

Antioxidant Solutions Fresh Frozen Triple Cherry Blend is unsweetened and delicious.  These literally seem to melt in my mouth!  Lucky 7 Sipping Suggestions!

Great Valley Healthy Expectations Multigrain Rice Blends Whole Grain Fusion (whew!) is a delicious grain that can be eaten with your favorite veggies, beans, or meat, or even all alone.  When this is cooking, my whole house SMELLS fabulous!  What's SO Big about Brown Rice?!

Tasty Bite Channa Masala is another great dish that can be made in a hurry!  Note the ingredients: onions, water, chickpeas, tomatoes, sunflower oil, coriander, garlic, ginger, salt, mango powder, spices, chilies, bay leaf, turmeric. Everything you could go buy at the store and your second grader could read!  Delicious on the rice above!  If you don't use the microwave, easily warm it on the stove!  There are other brands that have healthy, yummy, quick versions of Indian dishes (but they often have dairy :(...)!

Ah, to end with some sweetness!  These Kirkland Dark Chocolate Super Fruits are fabulous!  The best part is the chocolate that they are made from!  These are a great substitute for an old favorite of my Brookside Foods which provides no information about where their chocolate comes from on its website, so considering my new knowledge of Fair Trade Chocolate, I am happy to go with a product that highlights this information on the packaging!  Details below!

"Costco Wholesale has co-created an ongoing program to develop a more ethical and sustainable cocoa supply.  Our goal is to procure cocoa beans that are traceable, of high quality, and grown in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

What does this mean for the cocoa farmers and their families? It means they get fair prices for their high quality cocoa beans. It means they learn better skills for managing their farms through pre- and post- harvest training.

This program is bringing about improved community infrastructure, farmer livelihoods, education, and healthcare." 
COMMENTS: Do you remember the Amy Mihaljevic abduction and murder?  It happened in the town beside mine, Bay Village, and was all totally unbelievable when it was happening and since.  She was my age.  Well, James Renner was also a kid then, and a few years ago, he investigated the whole unsolved mystery. He wrote Amy: My Search for Her Killer, Secrets, Secrets and Suspects in the Unsolved Murder of Amy Mihaljevic. I'm not done reading it, but I am intrigued and am quickly making by way through it, and only wish there could be a happy ending!  Apparently, James is STILL looking...I'm going to finish the book before I read this!

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